IBEW Local Union 180
Representing Napa & Solano County - California
Business Manager - Kevin Coleman
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Work Picture as of July 2017

Must be State Certified 

Must have I9 doc's (passport OR government photo ID and your SS card)

707-251-9180 after 5:30 pm for recorded job line. The work picture/book info - as in, "where did the calls go?" are at the bottom of this page and posted on twitter.

newRecently updated information

Local 180 follows the IBEW & NECA Substance-Free Workforce Program. PLEASE, do not call with questions on State Certification or the Work Picture - it is all here on the web site. We no longer provide manpower levels, projections or duration on projects. Job calls are either Short (14 days or less) or Long Calls.

Due to ongoing projects at Valero we post the following to get people informed.  It does not mean projects are being released...

    • Valero Refinery in BeniciaStack
      • The following are required and shall be presented when taking the job call:
      • BAT CARD is now "DSOP" card
      • TWIC Card with your PIN
      • SS Card & one government ID card (driver's lic. or passport)
      • OSHA10, NFPA70E, CPR,
      • Ele. Skills Card might me required on some calls.
      • Drug Test, No Facial Hair, Steel toed boots will be a requirement on the Valero Site. Newtron will reimburse up to $150 with a receipt for the boots. This will be a condition of employment just like drug testing and TWIC/BATT.


  • The Turnaround is comming soon.
  • Crude by Rail was not approved


Only the Large Public Works and some of the Private Projects are listed below;  Other Private Projects Remain Private.  No manpower projections are provided.

The Solano County Jail Project

Fairfield Train StationClick for full size PDF file

Napa State Hospital Kitchen

  • Under Construction, no manpower needs

Northbay Hospital in Fairfield

  • Under Construction, no manpower needs
Icon in Vacaville
  • Under Construction, no manpower needs

Solano Community College

  • Theather - no manpower needs
As with anything in the world of construction, current market conditions, the above is subject to change

This is only a example of the public work in our area.

Other Work in the USA:


Go To Richy Rich


Inside: Book I - 9; Short Calls start at 9
#3 & #6 have two refusals.

Book II - 2; Short Calls start at 1.

Book III - 2

Residential: 2

Sound & Comm: Book I - 7; Book II - 3

CE - 1; CW-14

FOR JOB CALLS - Please call the job line after 5:30 PM 707-251-9180. Do not rely on other websites.

Looking for your place on the books?  Try the member's ISAWEB; Instructions to gain access to the member’s ISAWeb area for dues payment, web re-sign and book status.


You can follow the books and where the job calls went via Follow IBEWLU180 on Twitter

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