IBEW Local Union 180
Representing Napa & Solano County - California
Business Manager - Herb Watts
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Labor-Management Cooperation Committee



Meeting the Electrical Construction Needs of Napa and Solano Counties for over 100 Years! 

The LMCC places a heavy emphasis upon the research and financial sponsorship of local programs that enhance economic and community development, and promote the general welfare of the community and local industry. Funds for these initiatives derive from jointly contributed monies based on each productive hour worked by union electricians in the local industry. In the last three years, the LMCC has contributed over one quarter of a million dollars toward local education programs, charities helping families in need, senior housing improvement programs, and other community benefit endeavors.

Following is a partial list of events and entities to which the LMCC has made contributions:


 Napa & Solano Counties Scoreboard Program

Recently, we have been replacing, or providing new scoreboards at sports facilities within Napa & Solano Counties.

  • Vacaville High School - Zunino Stadium Football Field
  • Will C Wood Football Field
  • Will C Wood Basket Ball Gym
  • American Canyon Youth Football Field
  • Yountville Veterans’ Home Baseball Field
  • Napa High School Basket Ball Gym
  • Vintage High School Basket Ball Gym
  • Vintage High School Baseball Field
  • Vacaville Christian School Football Field
  • Justin Sienna Baseball Field
  • Solano Community College Soccer Field

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