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About your Kaiser Plan - http://my.kp.org/ibewlu180

About your Local Union Benefits - http://www.ibew180benefitfunds.org

Q&A on Inside Kaiser Medical via BeneSys website - like how to add a new baby.

Access Dental - a provider that takes your IBEW LU 180 Inside coverage at 100%

About the Inside Agreement 401 http://www.kandg.com

Website for Sound and Com / Residential Agreement Benefits

NorCal Sound and Com Apprenticeship & Installer Classes

Changes to the Inside Agreement Kaiser Plan 9/2013

Bay Area Casual Carpool





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IBEW: International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

NJATC: National Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee for the Electrical Industry

NECA: National Electrical Contractor's Association

NFPA: National Fire Protection Association

Sacramento Scorecard

Union Voice - Join the Working Families e-Activist Network for action alerts

Napa Solano Union Members "Napa-Solano CLC" is where you find Union Events and Endorsements for public office and ballot measures.

Napa Vet Connect

The Catholic War Veterans (CWV) is officially recognized as a Veterans Service Organization by the Veterans Administration in Washington, D.C.  CWV’s principal objective is to help support and assist men and women who have served our nation in military uniform, fought our wars, and made significant sacrifices.  CWV works extensively with all other veterans organizations, whether public or private.  If you know a veteran who needs some help, please plan to attend this meeting.  One does not need to be Catholic to receive assistance from CWV.  For additional information about veteran assistance programs, visit the United Stated Department of Veterans Affairs website at http://www1.va.gov/VSO/ and the Travis AFB Unit

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