IBEW Local Union 180
Representing Napa & Solano County - California
Business Manager - Herb Watts
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Clearing into Local Union 180

The policy of Local Union 180 is to clear-in manpower via email, fax, mail or at the job site and not require contractors to send employees to the Union Hall on company time OR have your employees do this on their personal time.*  The foundation of this policy is based on the IBEW-NECA Agreement on Employee Portability a/k/a the National Portability Agreement effective January 1, 1997.**  

Three forms are required to be on file to clear-in:

  • Authorization for Representation
  • Employment Registration
  • 401(a) / VEBA Selection

In addition, employees must be on ERTS (Electronic Reciprocity Tracking System) the registration for on-line reciprocity reporting. This is done one time and does not need to be resubmitted. We can confirm ERTS by checking the employee’s SSN on-line.  The employee's home local enters the employee into ERTS.  The registration form is included in the clearing-in pdf for the employee's use.

Drug Test is required and the form is included in the PDF form online - please read the policy.

We have the required forms on our web site to assist in clearing-in your employees.

These forms are Adobe PDF interactive forms that can be completed on the computer, signed and then emailed, faxed, mailed or we will pick them up at the job site.

If the employee has worked in the area within the last year - we will clear them in via a phone call.  However, the Drug Test is required - please use the newest form.

Once cleared in, no maintenance of clearance is needed; however, we ask that the employee clear out when departing the area for more than a month.  Due to the nature of service work, employees cleared in for service work do not have to clear out.

Thank you for your cooperation

*Members may clear in at the Union Hall if they so desire.  Clip of not requiring physically reporting.

**Copy of the Agreement can be provided to Contractors and/or Local Union 180 members via an email request.

IBEW Local Union 180      Mailing Address: 720 Technology Way Suite B Napa CA 94558      (707) 251-9180      Fax: (707) 251-8040